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Dedicated to preserving the memory and spirit of a truly pioneering commuter airline based in the Midwest; to the hundreds of employees who helped create the nationís largest passenger carrying commuter in the contiguous 48 states; and to William and Marilyn Britt founders of the amazing not-so-little airline.



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Britt Airlines survives today as Continental Express (JetLink) as the regional feeder airline of mainline carrier Continental Airlines. A soon-to-be all jet fleet, virtually covering the nation coast-to-coast, feeding the major hubs of Continental Airlines.

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*      http://fh227.rwy34.com

Dedicated to all the men, women and children who lost their lives; to all those who sacrificed their lives; and to all of the heroís that responded to the emergency of 11 September 2001.


*      www.expressjetair.com

*      www.frugalsites.net/911/sept11.html


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*      Britt Airlines/Allegheny Commuter History

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Last revised: 20 December 2003